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Labour Market & Data

These papers and reports cover various topics related to the school teaching labor market, including professional workforce forecasting, attraction, recruitment, and retention, as well as data classifications, sources, and utilisation.

They focus on key aspects of education and workforce planning in Australia, including the destinations of initial teacher education graduates, sources of data concerning initial teacher education, a forecasting model for the Australian school teaching profession, the need and support for a national data repository for teacher education, and a model of demand for and supply of graduates of nursing and midwifery courses.

August 2013 – Barbara Preston, Destinations of initial teacher education graduates: New South Wales regions, all states and territories and Australia, and comparisons with selected other occupations, a report prepared for the New South Wales Vice-Chancellors’ Committee, Barbara Preston Research, Canberra

This report for the New South Wales Vice Chancellors’ Committee was prepared in response to commonly reported views that there has been a very substantial oversupply of teacher education graduates in the state. Data from Graduate Careers Australia and the 2011 Australian Bureau of Statistics Census of Population and Housing indicate that any oversupplies are not large.

December 2012 – Barbara Preston, Initial teacher education information scoping study, A report prepared for the Australian Institute for Teaching and School Leadership, Barbara Preston Research, Canberra

In this report I investigated sources of data concerned with initial teacher education, and evaluated them in terms of their quality and the clarity of their depiction of initial teacher education programs, students and graduates.

May 2010 – Barbara Preston, Getting teacher workforce planning right: Towards a robust framework for modeling supply and demand, presentation to the American Educational Research Association annual conference, Denver CO

In this conference paper I explain some of the important issues in the forecasting of the Australian school teaching profession and set out a simplified, comprehensive macro-level forecasting model.

April 2010 – Barbara Preston, Nursing and nursing-related workforces to 2020:data, projections, scenarios and issues, A report prepared for the Australian Nursing Federation

This report is intended to provide information and analysis to inform effective strategies to overcome or ameliorate those shortages over the coming decade, while ensuring high levels of nursing care and public safety..

2009 – Sue Willis and Barbara Preston, Data repository for teacher education scoping study, A report of a project funded by Australian Learning and Teaching Council, Australian Council of Deans of Education, Melbourne 2009

This substantial study investigated the need and support for, and feasibility and specifications of, a national data repository for teacher education with systematically managed, accessible and usable data concerned with teacher education and related areas. The intended purposes of such a data repository included the qualitative improvement of teacher education and the provision of data for quantitative teacher workforce planning related to initial teacher education enrolments.

January 2009 – Barbara Preston, ‘The Australian nurse and midwifery workforce: issues, developments and the future’, Collegian, Vol. 16, Issue 1, pp. 25-34, DOI: 10.1016/j.colegn.2008.12.002.

This article is concerned with data, concepts and historical context necessary for understanding the nurse and midwifery workforce and for developing policy and plans that can best ensure its future quality and sufficiency. It is an edited version of a paper prepared as background to the panel presentation at the Australian Financial Review Health Conference, ‘Health Reform – Aligning Policy and Funding with Reality‘, June 2008.

July 2006 – Barbara Preston Nurse workforce futures: Development and application of a model of demand for and supply of graduates of Australian and New Zealand pre-registration nursing and midwifery courses to 2010, Council of Deans of Nursing and Midwifery (Australia and New Zealand), Melbourne

In this report I develop and apply a forecasting model of each state and territory, Australia and New Zealand. Methodologies are discussed in detail, with appendixes for the particularly complex components of the forecasting model.